Sprinkler Systems

Our automatic sprinkler systems are installed by utilizing Rain Bird materials. We use two types of Irrigation Systems in Tacoma WAheads in order to spray water – either fully adjustable rotor heads or nozzle adjusted ones. All of our sprinkler systems are bid on site at no charge, while each zone of your property will be sized for compatibility with the water volume available. Whether is a small irrigation job or complex design implementation, we at Yard Works Landscaping, can do it! We are in business since 1992, and for more than 20 years, we are constantly accumulating knowledge and experience, in order to give you the best service in the business. If you have a task, that requires vision, creativity and professional expertise, then we have the tools and skills to accomplish it. Fencing, irrigation, landscaping, whatever your renovation project needs, we’ll supply it. Our irrigation services usually include:

  • Landscape in Tacoma WAproper sprinkler system layout
  • layout design and water saving optimization
  • identifying plants water requirements and soil type
  • tuning existing sprinkler systems
  • electrical, plumbing and backflow prevention job
  • repair services
  • separating zones for optimal water save

Our vow to you is simple – save time, save money and save water. By Sprinklers in Tacoma WAimplementing an irrigation system you cut up to 50% the water waste. That means you don’t water less but you water more efficiently. So aren’t you tired of spending countless hours, watering your lawn? Don’t you find frustrating the fact, that regardless of your efforts your lawn is still not as good as it should be? If the answer is yes, then why not install an automatic sprinkler system and make your life easier? After all it’ll even pay for itself over time, by reducing your water costs. Call us today, and solve all of your pending problems!

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