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Landscaped front yard of a house with flowers and green lawnYard Works Landscaping is a landscaping contractor located in Tacoma WA and serving customers both from the residential area and the city’s surrounding areas. For more than 20 years, we have supplying a wide variety of customers, with professionals dedicated to their craft. From the designers who dream up gorgeous plans and the installers who bring the plans to life to the work crews who come in and make sure that your lawn is cared for and healthy, we all take pride in our work – and it shows! We are committed to customer satisfaction, honesty, integrity, working ethics and respect for others.

Great job!!!

by Hannah

We love our new landscape! Good luck and best wishes with all your business ventures.
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Yard Works Landscaping
Address: 11525 8th Avenue East, Tacoma, WA 98445
Phone: (253) 200-9903


irrigation systemAs a landscaping constructors company, we offer all kinds of landscaping services like landscaping design, construction landscaping, irrigation design and many others. Our services are custom tailored in order to fulfill the unique needs each client may have. We specialize in working with property owners who realize the possibilities that a thoughtfully conceived landscape can create. We have established our fine reputation by providing impeccable service in a variety of areas. From initial consultation, design implementation to finishing touches, we won’t overlook even the smallest detail in your design plans. Whatever your dreams are, our professional crew is here to fulfill them.

white fenceWe do our best to cater, every single need you may have. Be it a new sprinkler systems installation, or some fancy fencing, whatever your vision is, we’ll do everything within our powers to accomplish it. It’s the little things that makes us different from the other landscaping companies. Many may treat them as details, but you recognize just how important they are. Our design concepts are creative, artistic, innovative and responsive to our customer requirements. After all they are done by a trained landscape designer with more than a decade of experience. Our landscape solutions can greatly benefit you in:

  • increasing your property value
  • flower beds“greening” the environment in your yard
  • maximizing usage of your outdoor space.
  • creating a unique surrounding, providing you with your own private sanctuary.
  • attracting customers to your store or business with an eye-catching exteriors.

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With customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, year after year we continue to grow and build our company. Our professional crews will make your dreams come true and bestow you with the landscape you’ve always dream for. Call us today and fulfill your dreams!